and PartyLover mobile application - Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

  • Administrator - (also referred to as the Personal Data Controller and Contest Organiser) party responsible:
    Vailacom Ltd., Polna 42B, 42-622 Świerklaniec, Poland.
  • Website - website or a mobile application (visible within the domains to follow:,, including SSL/TLS),
  • Cookies - tiny files with website settings, login info, stored within your browser,
  • Standard sign up - register on the website with your login and password,
  • Facebook sign up - register on the website with your Facebook account.

2. Privacy Policy, Personal Data Protection and Cookies Policy

  • The Administrator operates with respecting the privacy and rights of Website users. The major attention is paid to the protection of user personal data,
  • Detailed information on the protection of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy,
  • User personal data are defined as any type of data enabling it to identify a given user as a specific person, such as: names, surnames, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, activity data, location data etc.
  • User personal data become stored and processed after having gained user agreement only,
  • User personal data only serve the purposes related to clearly expressed user consent,
  • The user may always be granted an insight into the personal data we store and request having them corrected or erased,
  • User personal data are protected with multi-encryption methods, passwords, closed access to the database and they are stored within certified server rooms. Log-in passwords (only in the case of standard sign-up method) are additionaly hashed with no possibility to be read. We never keep or ask for user Facebook account passwords. It is impossible to be done, because the logging-in process is handled by Facebook,
  • The Standard sign-up method does not require any e-mail address confirmation,
  • The user registered with the use of the standard sign-up method will be informed about the possibilities to subscribe to our newsletter within an e-mail address confirmation letter. The user will be subscribed for it after having clicked on the link,
  • The e-mail message with a confirmation link will be sent a few days after the sign-up,
  • In the cases of ignoring the message or not having received it, the user will receive no more messages, unless a new request is made,
  • The Facebook sign-up will automatically mean the confirmation of user e-mail address,
  • The user registered via Facebook agrees to enable the newsletter functionality and display our content there (eg. in case of joining a contest or sharing an item from our website). However, the Administrator always notifies the user of it prior to activating this option (for instance, when the user signs up to a contest),
  • The user may turn off the post sharing or turn off the reception of newsletters at any time. The user may also delete all their website activity on their own Facebook account with the "Delete whole application activity" option. This option will also disable the user from taking part in any active contests joined,
  • The user may turn off the newsletter option within the website settings or by clicking the link included in every message received,
  • The user personal data are not visible to anyone else except the system administrators. In this system, the visible data only include one's contact information, being used to contact the user with regard to technical support,
  • In the case of government-exerted pressure, as based on the current legal regulations or a any subpoena issued, the Administrator may share the user personal data with a competent body requesting it,
  • The Administrator does not collect any personal user data from third parties, unless it is necessary to be done according to third-party agreements and the data are transferred after having gained user acceptance,
  • The Administrator stores user personal data with the use of:
    • Forms,
      The forms included on the website may be filled up by the user to use the offer of our Website, search for desired information or share opinions.
    • Cookies,
      • This Website uses cookies to store customised settings, such as: the towns selected by the Customer, navigation or logging management.
      • This Website uses the script (similar to Google Analytics) that gathers anonymous use statistics and may add its own cookie files to one's browser.
      • This Website uses apps and plugins, which can additionally create their own cookies.
      • This Website uses Google Maps plugin, which can additionally create its own cookies.
    • IP addresses,
      The Website stores user IP addresses for the purpose of counting the unique statistics of page visibility, which contributes to improving the website development and user experience. Additionally, IP addresses are stored after free tickets have been used, in order not to make the multiple use of the offer possible or violate the terms of use,
    • E-mail messages, newsletter, SMS texts,
      The Website stores the information about the frequency of message opening in order to filter the content the user might be interested in receiving. Any additional data provided by the user in the e-mail history can also stored and managed, if necessary (e.g. in the course of complaint procedure).
    • Advertisements
      The Website stores user ad preferences and information, on the provider side (like Google ads and those displayed by other companies).

3. Final provisions

  • General and commonly applied legal regulations shall be used with regard to any cases not included therein,
  • All complaints and disputes shall be settled by the common court being competent for the Administrator, also with regard to its address.

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